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HARAMBEE 2024 practice - 7_4_24, 1.08 PM 2Artist Name
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Marcus & Annie:


Here at Harambee I live my best life

Everyone is different 

Everyone is alright

Love the way we fit into our one community

It’s exciting the diversity

And we love the unity  

Harambee is a place

Where you can play in the sun

Even on a gloomy day

It can be fun

Something is new

Something coming to life

And everyone is kind

It’s a diamond of light






Harambee is the best

Place to chill

I like to chill up on the hill

I got a friend

He’s got a scooter

Harambee is the best no need for computers

Mila & Sophie:


I love the tuck shop it’s just so cool

There’s a lot of stuff 

Put snacks in a bowl

At the silent store like every single day

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

Jasmine & Enaline:


Ya, Ya, Ya

Harambee is the place that swings

Packing new friendships

Parties, swimming every thing

Let’s get together

Eat freezies in the summer

Turn the music up louder

As we step into our power



It’s harambee

Kids laugh kids play

Going to the park like every single day

When it gets dark

You think kids will be in bed

But no

They aren’t asleep yet






First of July we all arrive

Catching that Harambee vibe

Sitting around the fire pit

All goes quiet (BEAT DROP)

Gonna get lit Gonna get lit gonna get lit gonna lit

Let’s get down to the basics

Harambee is legit!


Harambee a place where you can

play in the sun

Or the rain on a gloomy day

Something is new

Something is right

Something amazing is coming to light

Everyone here is just so different

So unique, like a star we glisten

Harambee is safe

So don't run away

Make new friendships every day 




You can smell the food in the air

And you can see all the sweet kids playing with no despair

Doing activities hear all the kid's laugh

But there could be a monster in the bleachers out back

Somewhere in your cabin or your trailer so run

Little did you know that the monster is fun

Let’s eat together we can have a potluck

Enjoy this place of wonders and throw your hands up






This is a happy place

I like Harambee

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Wanna be here every day 

I like to play games 

And playing at the park

Even night games that we play in the dark




You can sit on the hills

And watch the sun go down

Have a BBQ with your friends all around

Talk with friends while eating icecream  

Go sleep

Wake up

For a morning meeting


Explore the waters take a walk though the trees

Wander through the forests only at Harambee

I found a place

I am never alone

This is the place that we call home






Me and my friends, we don’t fight

Have fun staying up late nights

Yeah, we love Harambee

We all got it OK

When we play that manhunt, 

yeah we all have good fun

You know, I love my friends ya

We see eye to eye, ya

When we with each other you will never see us cry

We’ll be best friends till the day that we die

If one of us falls to dirt 

And gets really hurt

You don’t have to worry, we will be there in a hurry



We about to grind on Geo Dash

While we’re chilling 

yeah, yeah yeah

And we’re we’re

Be be-best friends 

And it’s and it’s

never gonna end 

We dropping drown beats

We got nasty feet and 

On the count of 3 scream harambee!

We dropping drown beats

We got nasty feet and 

On the count of 3 scream harambee!

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